About Us

We are passionate about handcrafting and serving Australia’s most iconic dish, the meat pie. In our bakery on Australia’s New South Wales Central Coast, we created and perfected dozens of varieties of gourmet pies over the years: meat pies, vegetable pies and dessert pies. While our business thrived, we dreamt of coming to America to handcraft and bake our pies to share the goodness of Australian artisan baking.

Our dream has come true! After months of searching from coast to coast and north to south, we visited Fort Collins on a cold, rainy Monday. In spite of the weather, we knew we’d found a home for Waltzing Kangaroo.

We invite you to share the passion for our food. At Waltzing Kangaroo we make everything from scratch using ethically sourced raw ingredients and unbleached flour to create our authentic Australian comfort food. We follow artisan baking traditions to create pies, savory rolls, quiches and sweets that are slow cooked and baked fresh throughout the day.

So come on in and say “G’day”!

THANK YOU for your support but due to the effects of COVID-19, as of 3/28 we are now closed (for a while).


If you’d like to support us during this time, please consider trying out our new Waltzing Kangaroo Bouillon, which we’ll ship to you, or purchase an e-gift card to use when we reopen.


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