A short film by Kevin Olson that documents the crafting of Waltzing Kangaroo’s  Savory Pies and Desserts.

Our largest order to date, 320 of our 5″ pies for a 9 a.m. pickup. We couldn’t do any of this without a great team.

Preparing for the “lunch rush”.

A new report by CTV Channel 11 in Fort Collins.

Handcrafting Sweet Shortcrust Pastry, used in several of our desserts.

A time lapse video of Steve making savory short crust pastry, or as we call it “pie bottom”.



Video by Celia Adams

THANK YOU for your support but due to the effects of COVID-19, as of 3/28 we are now closed (for a while).


If you’d like to support us during this time, please consider trying out our new Waltzing Kangaroo Bouillon, which we’ll ship to you, or purchase an e-gift card to use when we reopen.


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