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14 Reasons to Drive to Fort Collins


While outsiders continue to proclaim Denver the new Portland/Austin/Charleston (take your pick), us locals have already begun to wonder whether Fort Collins isn't the new Denver. Long home to two of Colorado's most groundbreaking breweries (New Belgium and Odell), it's fast becoming a hub of not only destination taprooms and bars, but also drive-worthy eateries. Here are 14 of our faves right now:  

Waltzing Kangaroo 
It says a lot about this town that native Australian Stephen Phillips and his wife-partner Aimée chose to transport their cheery bakery/cafe on the coast of New South Wales all the way here. And ever since they opened their doors in March, the community has been repaying that show of confidence with raves for their Aussie-style meat and veggie pies, handcrafted over the course of three days, as well as other baked goods both savory and sweet.
Must-order: The steak-and-gravy or lamb-rosemary pie, mushy peas, profiteroles — and a flat white, of course (though beer's an option too) 

1109 W. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins; 970-568-8817

September 2016



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