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 Waltzing Kangaroo specializes in gourmet Aussie meat pies, pastries & coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a boutique venue with limited indoor and outdoor seating as well as options for grab-and-go hot and frozen foods. 

Hot and frozen pies for Fort Collins local delivery through NOCO Nosh here. 


Choice of Pie & 2 Hot Side dishes $14.50-15.00


Chicken Pot Pie - Succulent pieces of roasted chicken, vegetables and aromatic herbs are bathed in a velvety, made-from- scratch sauce. 


5" in diameter and available hot and frozen 

Steak & Gravy Pie - Diced steak slow cooked in a scrumptious brown gravy $8.50
Steak & Pepper Gravy Pie - Diced steak slow cooked in a savory cracked black pepper gravy $8.50
Steak, Cheese & Bacon Pie - An Aussie classic of diced steak and gravy topped with cheese and bacon $8.50
Guinness Steak & Mushroom Pie - Diced steak slow cooked in a rich Guinness and mushroom gravy $8.50
Beef Shepherd's Pie - Ground beef, peas & carrots in gravy; topped with golden mashed potatoes $8.50
Lamb & Rosemary Pie - Diced lamb slow cooked in a delectable rosemary gravy $8.50
Pork Green Chili Pie - Succulent pork in a warm and satisfying hatch green chili sauce $8.50
Chicken & White Cheese Sauce Pie - Diced chicken in a luscious cream sauce $8.50
Chicken & Peas Madras Curry PieRoasted chicken and green peas smothered in a delectable yellow curry sauce. *Madras Curry is a well-balanced blend of 14 herbs and spices that is bursting with flavor, but is not spicy. $8.50
Veggies & White Cheese Sauce Pie - Roasted potato, squash, broccoli, cauliflower & carrot  in a luscious cream sauce $8.50
6" long and available hot and frozen 
Sausage Rolls - A timeless Aussie classic! Our sausage roll features ground beef seasoned to perfection with a balance of spices that will tantalize your taste buds, offering a savory delight like no other.  $5.00
Mashed Potato - Seasoned, mashed potatoes with cream and butter $4.00
Mushy Peas - Seasoned, slightly mashed peas with cream and butter $4.00
Gravy - Our rich brown gravy. A perfect accompaniment to any pie. Suitable for vegetarians. $1.00
Profiterole - Choux pastry filled with a delicate mixture of custard and whipped cream; dipped in chocolate ganache $5.00
Apple Turnover - House made apple pie filling, baked in puff pastry; topped with fresh whipped cream $5.00
Coffee Ganache Tart - Espresso and chocolate in sweet shortcrust pastry $5.00
Custard Tart - Perfectly balanced baked egg custard in sweet shortcrust pastry $4.50
Short Black - Espresso shots $3.00
Macchiato - Espresso & a dollop of foam $3.50
Long Black - Espresso & hot water $3.25-4.25
Flat White - Espresso & velvety milk $4.50-5.00
Latte - Espresso & steamed milk $4.50-5.00
Cappuccino - Latte with a dusting of chocolate $4.50-5.00
Mocha - Espresso, steamed milk & chocolate $5.00-5.50
Hot Chocolate $4.00-4.50
Assorted Hot Teas $3.00-3.10
Chai Tea Latte $4.75-5.25
Assorted Sodas (can) $2.50
Assorted Sodas (bottle) $3.00-4.00
Assorted Iced Teas (bottle) $3.00-3.25
Sparkling Water (can) $2.50 
Bottled Water $2.50
*Gratuities are shared among employees* 

** Full list of ingredients can be found here. **

We want to make sure you have the best tasting experience when you take our frozen pies home. Be sure to follow these instructions for reheating:


Bake from frozen. This is only a guide, all ovens are different!  Baking more pies/rolls at a time will change the amount of time needed to reach 165 F internal temperature!


  1. Preheat to 400 F.
  2. Remove plastic, leave pie in the tin and place on a baking sheet. 
  3. Brush the top of the pie/roll generously with water.
  4. Bake 2 PIES for 45-50 minutes. Bake 2 ROLLS for 25-30 minutes.
  5. Pie/roll is cooked when the internal temperature is at least 165 F.


  1. Preheat to 325 F.
  2. Remove plastic and leave pie in the tin.
  3. Brush the top of the pie/roll generously with water.
  4. Bake 1 PIE for 30-35 minutes. Bake 2 ROLLS for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Pie/roll is cooked when the internal temperature is at least 165 F.


1109 W Elizabeth St.
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Tuesday - Saturday
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

With our location in the heart of west Fort Collins, our Australian restaurant serves a fantastic grab-and-go meal! Waltzing Kangaroo specializes in “fair dinkum” (Aussie for tried and true) food in Fort Collins. We use artisan baking techniques to handcraft Aussie pies, rolls, and desserts from scratch.

With our heritage in mind, we aimed to bring outstanding hospitality and service found in Australia to the United States, and we landed in the amazing city of Fort Collins, Colorado. This city with a small-town feel is home to Colorado State University, where Waltzing Kangaroo sits just off campus.

Walking in our doors, you’ll immediately feel welcomed in our quaint bakery-like space that reminds us of our original digs in our homeland of Australia. The large glass case holding our Australian meat pies welcomes you to place your order with our amazing team!

The straightforward menu allows for easy ordering of your favorite Australian meat pies, meat rolls, side dishes, desserts, and drinks, like espresso. The restaurant in Fort Collins was created to make you feel at home while transporting your tastebuds Down Under.

 To our loyal customers, we thank you for your continued patronage. 

To anyone who has yet to visit Waltzing Kangaroo in Fort Collins, we look forward to welcoming you.