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Before you go: Tips for your trip to Waltzing Kangaroo


Name of business: Waltzing Kangaroo

Where it's located:1109 W. Elizabeth St. near the intersection of Elizabeth and Shields Streets.

Why try now: Waltzing Kangaroo opened two weeks ago so it's one of the newest restaurants in town. Also, it's the only authentic Australian food spot in town, serving up savory meat pies, rolls and more.

The scene: The restaurant is located in the former Mahalo frozen yogurt shop so when I walked in, I was immediately hit with flashbacks of my undergrad days at CSU when my friends and I would throw on sweatpants and pile into a car to satisfy our late-night sugar cravings. The interior feels similar, but it's changed a bit. It's bright and clean, with casual open seating and a counter where you can order meat pies, rolls and desserts that are kept on display in glass cases.

What to know before you go: If you're like me and the only experience you've had with Australia was watching the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie "Our Lips are Sealed" 80,000 times, never fear. I had no idea what to expect when I heard there was an Australian restaurant in town, but the staff is friendly and offered up help right away. They'll help you navigate the menu and answer any questions you might have.

I ordered a Tucker box, which gives you a pie of your choice with two sides, which include gravy, mashed potatoes, side salads and more, for $10. I picked the lamb and rosemary pie with sweet potato mash and mushy peas (which are a lot better than they sound). Pies ranged in flavors, but were all savory and mostly meat-based. Served in little pie tins, they seemed, at first, like souped-up versions of a pot pie. But last time I checked Marie Callender didn't mess with Guinness steak and mushroom or Thai green curry steak. Individual savory rolls, like sausage and spinach and feta, were also available as were desserts like profiteroles and baked egg custard tarts. Since the pies themselves, and most of the sides, are savory and rich, I'd recommend breaking it up with a side salad (they had sun-dried tomato and beet varieties during my visit).

In total, two Tucker boxes came to $21.47, but individual beef, chicken, lamb and veggie pies were available for $6 each and dessert prices topped out at $4, as did the individual savory rolls.

March 2016


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