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The Best Australian (trust us): Waltzing Kangaroo


"Australian?" you say aloud as you wonder where all this is going. We hear you, and stay with us. Outside of runny eggs on burgers, you likely didn’t realize Australian was a cuisine category. Let Waltzing Kangaroo show you the way. Serving made-from-scratch meat pies, quiches, and desserts, plus coffee and craft beer, Waltzing Kangaroo channels the vibe and aesthetic of a modern bakery. Save for side dishes (which range from fresh salads to mushy peas), the frequently replenished daily offerings are tucked behind scrawled-on glass displays. The Guinness steak & mushroom pie is the ultimate comfort food, but vegetarians can indulge here, too. Who knew that Thai peanut veggies went so well with flakey puffed pastry?  

January 2019


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