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How did Waltzing Kangaroo come to be? Part 1

It all started in 2003 when Steve and I met at Keystone Resort in Colorado,where we were working for the season. When our relationship outlasted the season, we had to make some decisions. With Steve being Australian and me being American it was tricky. His work visa only lasted the ski season and I did not have a work visa for Australia. We decided to go on a month long road trip around the USA before Steve had to return to Australia. The plan was that both Steve and I would return to Keystone the following ski season. In the mean time,  he would work in Australia and I took a seasonal summer job in Grand Teton National Park.

We had an amazing time driving from Colorado to visit friends and family in Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Arkansas, Chicago and New York City. We figured if our relationship could survive navigating (pre-GPS) across the country and back, we should be able to make it through anything!

Upon returning to Australia, Steve found work in sales and quickly started making a good living.  Meanwhile, I was enjoying a gorgeous summer hiking and working in the Tetons.  We missed each other and spoke often. After my summer season was up, I moved back to Keystone and started training for my new job. Steve was starting to make plans to fly back to Colorado when the company he worked for offered him a managerial role that seemed to have huge potential for growth. We were faced with another big decision. Steve’s job seemed to have more potential than either of the jobs we had lined up in Keystone, so I decided to move to Australia on a visitor visa and see how things went.