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How did Waltzing Kangaroo come to be? Part 2

Australia is extremely beautiful and a wonderful place to live, but when I first moved there, it was difficult. I felt very isolated and it was really hard to go from earning a living and having lots of friends to having no income and only one friend. Regardless, It did not take us too long to realize that our relationship was strong and we should make plans for me to stay in Australia long term.  The entire immigration process process took a couple of years, but it took less time for me to become a probationary permanent resident, which meant I could work as well as receive Australia’s wonderful, free healthcare.

Steve was excelling at work. He had been promoted twice and was managing a sales team of over 15 people in Sydney. We were having fun living across Sydney Harbor in a place called Manly (below left). We took a ferry everyday to get to work in Sydney and we lived just one block from gorgeous and iconic Manly Beach. The bulk of the shops, café’s and restaurants were all within a short (10 minute) walk of our apartment.  Although a 10 minute walk is not long, it was long enough to deter hoards of visitors from walking down to our end of the beach. Even on the busiest summer day, the stretch of beach near our house was virtually empty! Not a day went by that I did not see the ocean and feel overcome with awe.