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How did Waltzing Kangaroo come to be? Part 3

On the weekends, we would often drive an hour and a half north to the area of Australia where Steve grew up. It was different than Sydney. It was not a big city, more like a very spread out conglomeration of small towns that hugged the coastline called the Central Coast. The beaches were even more empty than our little stretch of Manly Beach.  The overall pace of the Central Coast was slower than Sydney and it was a great place to unwind and catch up with Steve’s friends and family.

It was on one of these visits that Steve was approached with a business proposition. He was asked if he would be interested in partial ownership of a busy bakery on the Central Coast. Steve’s father is a pastry cook and Steve had been around bakeries his whole life.  This was a huge decision and before committing, Steve worked in the bakery on his days off to be sure he was making the right decision. The bakery specialized in gourmet meat pies and classic Australian sweets and Steve saw great potential in the business.