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Bulk bouillon seasoning for sale for your restaurant.

Steve is the master chef at WK and he created this bouillon because all the other products out there are lower quality and he was fed up. It's a quick and easy way to elevate flavors without adding icky ingredients. We think it's less about salt not doing the trick and more about the convenience of not having to blend your own flavors when the bouillon is already ready to go. When selecting the ingredients for your restaurant’s kitchen, you know the importance of quality and selection available for your team of chefs. Seasonings and spices go a long way in any recipe, and Waltzing Kangaroo’s bulk bouillon seasoning pack was created with this in mind. We were needing more excitement from our savory dishes, and unfortunately, other seasonings on the market weren’t satisfying our chef’s needs. Along came the idea of creating a bouillon seasoning (both chicken and beef flavor) available to the food service industry that could take the place of the traditional salt requirement.

Another reason Steve created his own is because all the other bouillon seasonings on the market are full of garbage ingredients like gluten, msg, and other fillers. Our bouillon seasoning is MSG-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and it will enhance any recipe.

Our Australian roots were helpful when creating the perfect bouillon. We combined the best ingredients we could get our hands on, including a touch of bold turmeric, the finest onion powder, fine sea salt from Australia, and more.

Waltzing Kangaroo’s bouillon seasoning is available to you in a 3.3lb bag, providing over 450 servings for your restaurant’s recipes. (Our standard serving size is 1 tsp.) Choose from chicken bouillon or beef bouillon to bring your recipes to life, or purchase a 2-pack and have one of each flavor available for your kitchen.

Now, we know that as a restaurant chef, manager, or owner, you are always on the hunt for some bonus features or feel-good purchases … so we have some exciting news on our bulk bouillon seasonings for sale. Our bulk bouillon options ship free with the purchase of two or more packs. Additionally, both our beef bouillon and chicken bouillon are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, as well as made in a facility that does not manufacture dairy, soy, wheat, or nuts.

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