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If the word bouillon makes you think of a simmering pot of soup, we're excited to challenge that thought and introduce you to a whole new world of bouillon. The inspiration for our bouillon seasoning is a combination of tradition and innovation. We wanted to tackle your tastebuds and create a traditional pantry staple with a slight twist. Our bouillon seasoning is sure to please every palate and can easily be used as a simple substitute for salt in your favorite savory recipes.

Available in both beef and chicken flavor, each Waltzing Kangaroo bouillon seasoning package provides approximately 40 servings (serving size 1 tsp). Purchase a single pack to start off, or try a two-pack or four-pack for your kitchen. Looking for something more substantial? We also offer our bouillon seasoning bulk packages for chefs and restaurants.

All of our bouillon seasoning is made in Colorado and is a vegan and gluten-free product. We are proud to say that every Waltzing Kangaroo bouillon seasoning pack is both non-GMO and made in a facility that does NOT manufacture products containing wheat, dairy, soy, or nuts.

How to use bouillon seasoning:

The simplest way to kick up your savory recipes is by replacing your typical salt seasoning with a sprinkle of beef bouillon or chicken bouillon seasoning. It’s perfect for vegetables, burgers, gravies, sauces, rice, pasta dishes, and so much more. Our chef who created Waltzing Kangaroo’s bouillon seasoning has also created amazing recipes for your cooking pleasure! All of these recipes include our bouillon seasoning and are easy enough for the rookie chef at home. From a Slow Cooker Taco Soup to Black Beans and Rice, our flavorful bouillon will be your favorite, not-so-secret ingredient for years to come.